4 Day Gorilla and Big game Safari


We have explored Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya and Rwanda for the last 25 years with thousands of guests. In the process we have built a team of locals who take great pleasure in sharing this part of Africa with our guests.

We have evolved to go beyond responsible tourism as we have focused on the creation of a conservation economy that can sustain these last remaining pristine habitats of the world while benefiting the locals that live in these areas.

As such we offer:

1. SEAMLESS SAFARI service from point of contact via email to the end of safari. We want to remove the hustle and stress of organising a safari. We want you to focus on the safari experience so we ensure we do all the groundwork and take care of all the finer details from the type of bed linen to the gorilla trekking family, leaving you no stress

2. A COMPREHENSIVE SAFARI EXPERIENCE that captures the best of the immersive wildlife experiences, landscapes, rich heritage, culture and history. We create truly authentic African experiences.

3. A SUSTAINABLE SAFARI experience that supports conservation efforts and development. We ensure that your safari benefits the local economy with a focus on benefitting conservation based organisations like Bwindi.

4. A RESPONSIBLE SAFARI that benefits locals and provides opportunities for locals in marginalised communities. This is because we now understand that conservation and development can only happen if the locals are benefitting from safari tourism.

5. OUR WEALTH OF EXPERIENCE. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience organising safaris for thousands of guests in East Africa so you can rely. We know where to go and when to go.