Lincoln Myeera – General Manager

Lincoln Myeera is fondly referred to as the grandfather because he was named after one of the favourite grandfathers of the Buutu Clan. Lincoln studied Economics at Makerere University. Myeera Lincoln is boundless energy and happiness as he derives great joy from sharing Uganda with guests. Lincoln is a versatile and imaginative thinker who goes above and beyond to ensure guests make the most of their time and budget on safari. Lincoln is based in the office but will take time to lead 4 safaris each year. Lincoln quite likes the game drive through the Murchison Falls National Park so each year on his birthday, Lincoln will go for a day long game drive. Some say it renews his energy whereas others say he simply needs to see as many Buutu (abysinian ground hornbills) in one area to make him happy. But only Lincoln truly knows why he enjoys his birthday game drive.