Kenya was popularized by early explorers who made Nairobi a famous safari base that came to serve royals and dignitaries in the early 1900s. Kenya is steeped in nostalagia and romance of early explorers like Churchill and Teddy Roosevelt who journeyed through Kenya on safari in the early 1900. Today Kenya remains among the top safari destinations.

Kenya lies across the equator with vast savannah grasslands which are home to big game. Kenya also boasts of snow capped mountains and pristine beaches along the Indian ocean. A definitive feature is the great western rift valley which cuts across the country.

Kenya is dotted with conservation areas including Amboseli, Nakuru, Tsavo and the Masai Mara which plays host to the phenomenal spectacle of the great migration remains the top attraction. The great migration sees over 1.5 million wildebeest and thousands of zebra,gazelles traverse a continuous circular 500 mile route from Masai Mara to Serengeti as the great herd follows the rains.

November to February is a calving season so the plains are littered with newborn calves making it a feasting season for the big cats.
July to September remains the best time to see the herd moving in the Mara. The herds leave the plains of the Serengeti and cross into the Masai Mara in vast numbers. This is the time for river crossings where the drama of the big crocodiles eating to their brim full as they take full advantage of the plentiful herds crossing their river territory.

The diversity of the people of Kenya makes Kenya a melting pot of African cultures. The Arab influenced Swahili culture of the Indian ocean coast meets Bantu and nilotic culture creating unique infusions and foods.

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Kenya is located in East Africa. Bordered by Uganda in the west, the Indian ocean to the east, Tanzania to the south and Somalia in the north.
The most spoken language is Swahili followed by English.
Kenya shillings $1 – 125 Kenya Shillings as of Jan 2023
Yes Kenya safaris are safe. Professional operators go to great lengths to ensure personal health and safety of safari goers is prioritized.
June to Setember is the most suitable time as it is dry season. This is also the time to watch the great migration in Masai Mara
The great migration reaches the Masai Mara in months of July and proceeds until late September
Kenya is a traditionally conservative country so it is inadvisable to wear skimpy clothing. Carry light summer clothes like t-shirts and shirts with long fleece tops, a windbreaker and jacket. Socks and good walking shoes are essential. Pale colours such as tan or olive are best, but camouflage clothes are illegal in many parts of Africa, so steer clear. A sun hat with a large brim, sunglasses and sunscreen are important. Travel light and bring along clothes that do not take hours to dry and fits easily into your bags.
-Long sleeved shirts, pants and socks to protect from mosquito bites -A small flashlight and batteries -Anti malaria medication -Adapter plugs and convertors for electrical devices -Sun glasses, sun hat and sunscreen -Long skirts, t-shirts, sweaters, pants, tops and flip flops -Good walking shoes -A good camera, lots of memory sticks, batteries and a charger -Insect repellent -Light rain gear for summer months -Warm clothes for the morning and evening -Binoculars
The main variables that determine Kenya safari cost will depend on 1. The number of days spent on safari 2. Number of travelers on safari. The bigger the group the cheaper the safari 3. Lodges chosen where luxury lodges will make a safari dearer than budget lodges 4. Transport: Flying is pricier than driving though it comes with obvious advantages 5. Admin costs. Overseas companies often charge unjustifiably higher fees compared to local based companies for similar tours.
One would need at least 4 days to experience the charm of Kenya on safari. Shorter safaris though cheaper often leave guests feeling short changed as the experience seems to flee by so fast before guests get a good feel of the land.
Safari is a Swahili word with Arab origins. The verb means to make an arduous journey into the African interior. To fully enjoy Kenya safari, it is imperative that one builds a broader perspective of Kenya. Safari rewards the effort made to understand the interconnectedness of people, the land, the biodiversity and history. The best books to read are history and development of Kenya are: -Petals of Blood by Ngugi Wa thiongo, -The Big Conservation Lie by Mordecai Ogada and John Mbaria – Unbowed by Wangari Maathai -Kenya A History Since Independence By Charles Hornsby -Black Poachers, White Hunters: A Social History of Hunting Colonial Kenya By Edward Steinhart -On Safari: Big Game Hunting in British East Africa by Abel Chapman -Out of Africa by Karen Blixen -Running with the Kenyans By Adharanand Finn