About Us

Buutu Safaris – formerly the Tourist Centre Safaris was started by Mr & Mrs Wakudumira in July 1995 in Jinja, Uganda. Since our inception, our goal has remained the same to create the greatest safari experiences showcasing gorilla and big game wilderness encounters. Over the years, we’ve explored far and wide in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Botswana. We’ve hosted over 5,000 guests including couples, families, and solo travelers from all over the world. We’ve also hosted various schools on safari trips such as: Pepperdine University, Wolverhampton Grammar School, Rochester University, Harding University.

With our vast wealth of knowledge, we know how to tailor to our guests unique preferences and, we know where and when to go for those once in a lifetime wilderness and cultural experiences.
Where the expeditions of Alexander the Great, Nero, Dr Livingston and several others failed, we’ll make it possible for you with our rich local African expertise.

Lead Team

The founders are happily retired in Jinja where they farm and give crucial advice. 

The team is now led by a younger generation:


How We Work

We share our knowledge and discuss interests. We tailor safaris based on your preferences of accommodation interests and locations.

We explore with you ensuring you immerse yourself in the experience with no worries about logistics.

From the visit to villages for local brewing experience in Bwindi to exclusive stay in remote lodges we take care of every detail.

Our Conservation Heritage – Buutu

Buutu is the name for the Abyssinian Ground Hornbill. The name Buutu originates from our ancient conservation duty which was encapsulated in conservation myths and passed down for generations. Buutu is the emblem of our Bakose clan of Busoga. Legend has it that our first ancestor was a Buutu so we are charged with the duty of protecting all Buutus for they are our family. Every family and clan in Uganda has an emblem. There are those with lion, buffalo and even grasshopper emblems and each charged with the duty to protect their totems.

We are yet to prove we are descended from Buutu. However, we are certain that we need to hold on dearly to our duty to conserve these species and environment. On our safaris we share this conservation tradition which is becoming even more relevant as we seek to find solutions to ecological and climate challenges of today.

Our Ethos

Respect For All Life

because we have learnt that genuine wealth is in a rich ecosystem with a variety of life forms, big and small visible and invisible perceptible and imperceptible.

Inclusive Conservation

We are intentional about benefiting marginalized communities near conservation areas so as to encourage people to take full responsibility of biodiversity that attracts the world.

Safari Experimental Learning

Teaching more of the world about the remarkable beauty of our unique biodiversity on safari. Sustainable living in our rich ecosystem and sharing knowledge with world at large.

Opportunity For Africans

We prioritise employment of Africans and creation of opportunities for entrepreneurs, artisans in tourism as a way of fighting poverty and underdevelopment.

Community & Responsible Travel

We are of the community so we endeavor to thrive with our community by positively impacting lives through our work. Safari offers us many opportunities to educate, to connect and to transform our society as we collectively tackle the poverty and development issues in Africa.

We also meet many who would like to be involved in meaningful travel that impacts the places the places we visit. These are some of the wonderful organisations we have come to work with on our journeys and whose work we support.