Moses Wabwire

Moses was born in eastern Uganda but has lived all over Uganda including in Murchison Falls National Park. Moses has been with Buutu for over 12 years and still counting. 

Moses worked as a field guide in Murchison Falls NP before assuming a full time safari guide role. Moses has explored far and wide in Uganda, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and South Sudan. In due course, Moses has garnered in depth and extensive knowledge of the flora and fauna make him the ideal tour leader who many are now learning from. 

Moses relaxing demeanor and patient approach ensure he is instantly likeable with those that explore on safari with him. Moses has a penchant for passing on fascinating knowledge to illuminate ways forward in this age where biodiversity is increasingly at risk. Moses is also passionate about skilling more Ugandans to join the safari industry as a way to create opportunities and fight poverty especially around national parks.

Moses favourite place remains the scenic savannah of Murchison falls national park where he spent eventful years tracking elephants, giraffe, lion and leopards. Moses is a father to 2 girls and a boy.