Ojok Nasur ‘The Amazing Ojok’

Ojok is the trend setter at Buutu Safaris having explored at Buutu for 24 years. Ojok joined as a guide and has since become a senior member of the family. Ojok is genuinely warm and quickly becomes a great joy for those who are lucky to explore with him. 

Ojok has broad knowledge of ecological and culture of East Africa. Ojok speaks 8 different languages including English, Swahili, Luganda and Acholi and has  a good understanding of the geography of the area which has earned him the nickname of “Google maps” among his peers. His guests prefer to call him “The Amazing Ojok” after he was called amazing by one of his guests, a name that has since stuck.

Ojok was one of the first guides to go gorilla trekking in the 1990s and to this day finds the gorilla trekking experience the most exciting safari activity. Ojok has explored in Uganda, Rwanda, Botswana, Tanzania, South Sudan and the DR Congo.  Ojok enjoys all especially the pleasure of game seeing in the vast savannahs and has garnered an exceptional body of knowledge making him one of the most exciting people to explore with in the WORLD. 

Ojok is a grandfather of 2 girls a father of 8, a son to 3 mothers, an uncle to many in the village. Ojok is an ardent Arsenal fan and looks forward to Arsenal’s next premier league victory.