Daudi Mutalya – Chief Exploring Officer

Daudi says he was born on safari because when he was growing up, there was great biodiversity outside protected areas. Wildlife encounters were a daily occurrence even in the middle of Jinja town. Daudi has fond memories encountering hippopotamus in river Nile, as well as the now endangered pangolins. Daudi was influenced by the photography of his uncle who worked for Uganda Wildlife Authority and even luckier when our founders created Buutu Safaris back in 1995.

Daudi studied Economics at Makerere University, Uganda and Finance and Investment Analysis at University of Exeter, UK. Daudi worked in London before returning to Uganda for eternal sunshine and for what is probably the happiest job on earth – the job of travelling with people at their happiest times – safari.

Daudi has travelled widely over southern Africa in Malawi, South Africa, Namibia, Rwanda, Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Kenya and DR Congo. Daudi has made friends with mongoose and been chased down by hippopotamus and shared a meal with chimpanzees. 

Safaris for Daudi are a miracle and an interesting story of millennia that he has written a book about. Safaris are a way of reconnecting to earth and the greatest way of making friends.

Daudi’s favourite safari is the gorilla habituation safari here one spends the entire day in Bwindi trekking a family of gorillas.

Daudi is most grateful for the collective conservation efforts of previous generations and hopes safaris will continue to provide unique platform for creating green economies of the future.